EDP 115

Web Site Design I

Students are introduced to HTML (Hyper-
Text Markup Language) and XHTML
(Extensive Hyper-Text Markup Language)--
the languages used to create documents or
“pages” for publication on the World Wide
Web. Students learn to design and format
documents; embed links to other resources;
and to incorporate graphic content. The use of
cascading style sheets (CSS) is introduced.
Emphasis is placed on creating effective,
informative and aesthetically-pleasing Web
content. (Prerequisite: EDP07 or equivalent
course or experience. Teacher will advise stu-
dents about storage medium. 2.4 CEU

EDP 115/$255 (10 sessions/20 Hours) LEHC prerequisite PCW 18
Sec A: Tue 7:35-9:35 pm Nov 8-Dec 20.
Xavier Figueroa, web designer and developer.