Xavier Figueroa received his BFA from Herbert H. Lehman College in Bronx, New York. Along with his degree, he also received departmental honors as well as the Barry A. Levinson Memorial Fund. His work has been exhibited at LDR Studio Gallery, NY; Lehman College Art Gallery, NY; Haven Art Space, NY; National Academy, NY; Cork Gallery, NY; Broadway Mall Gallery, NY; and Longwood Art Gallery, NY.

Artist Statement

"I have very clear memories, but my goal is to recreate a particular moment in time with a specific emotion. I’m interested in the perception and deception of memory. Experiences in architecture, carpentry and set design help me reinvent spaces into multi-media installations. I seek objects relative to the memory’s location and time. Sometimes I use actual objects; other times, I recreate them. In essence, the installations are memories of memories…echoes of what once was."


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